Stay Happy With Mindfulness

Stay Happy

We all know the importance of the being at our best. Our family, friends, clients and ourselves are depending on us to perform at the optimum level. Stay happy and you will perform at your very best. Being positive enables us to focus on what’s important. However, adverse circumstances and toxic people can sabotage our happiness.

Mindfulness is the focus on the present moment. Having gratitude for even the smallest things that you have at the present moment can have a profound effect on one’s psyche. Maintenance of this mindset is an ongoing struggle and there are many practices that will help maintain your positive mindset.

One such practice is meditation, yet not many people meditate. There’s a lot of misconception to what meditation is and this is what deters people from meditating. It is simply a way to rest, relax and reflect. Just find a quiet spot to sit, close your eyes, and follow your breath. Let your breath flow naturally and focus on it. Thoughts, images, and mental movies will pop up in your head. Observe them in a non-judgemental way and then gently go back to following of your breath. Do this the first thing in the morning, right before going to bed, and in the quiet times during the day. You will feel much better and happier.

Meditation releases endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and other feel good chemicals to produce a natural high with no withdrawals. It is a great way to stay happy. Here’s a link for guidance in meditation:

Fortify Yourself

Another way to stay happy is to surround yourself with positive and upbeat people who will help lift you up. Good feelings are contagious and you will spread that happiness to others, reinforcing your happiness. On the other side of the coin, negativity is also contagious. That is why it is important to cut out or at least minimize contact with toxic people. Don’t let them bring you down with their complaining, arguing, and insults. Take the high road and you’ll keep your inner shine glowing.

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining  good feelings. A proper diet with essential vitamins and minerals in the right proportion is key to proper nutrition. Furthermore, it is important to avoid junk food, alcohol, and tobacco. While hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine may give the user a sense of joy, this is false happiness.  Drug abuse will inevitably lead to a severe crash when the drug wears off and the body seeks to maintain equilibrium. Consequently, the person will lose their joy over time.

In addition to nutrition, sleep is another crucial component to overall well-being. Seven to eight hours a night is recommended for adults. While a small percentage of adults can get by with much less, this is the exception and not the rule. Too many people burn the candle at both ends. Sleep deprivation can have a devastating effect on mood.

In conclusion, mindfulness, which is the focus on the moment, is a key component in our arsenal to stay happy and be at our very best.

Written by Tom Howard

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Our First Year

It was one year ago today when SpiritualityQuest began. What started out as a blog about the meaning of life has grown into a group of people, across the entire world, discovering about spirituality and better living. Thank you to all those who have made this happen.

The fundamentals of spirituality, essentials of health, and benefits of positive thinking are among the topics that we examine. We are a beacon in the choppy waters of life, guiding people away from the perils and toward the promise of better living.

We hope to grow SpiritualityQuest into an organization committed to the enlightenment and betterment of humanity. We will continue to post articles on spirituality, health, and better living regularly. We welcome any feedback about our website. Thank you.

Written by Tom Howard

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Give Thanks

As we come together with our loved ones this holiday season, we give gratitude for all Providence has provided us in our everyday lives.

Having gratitude is a path to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state where only the present is being focused on in your mind. Being present is essential to spirituality, uncovering the illusion of self, realising and applying ethics, and creating peace of mind. 

Adherence to faith requires that we take a moment from our outward thoughts to appreciate our Divine gift.

Written by Tom Howard 

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We started this website on June 21th of this year. Over two months ago. And we’ve had 293 unique visitors so far and our Facebook group has 222 members. We also have a following of bloggers on WordPress.

To all the visitors, Facebook group members, and WordPress followers and viewers, thank you. You made this all possible. We strive to spread the message, thanks to you.

Please give us feedback. Tell us what you think about the website. What do you want to read about. What do you want from this website. Please leave comments on this article below.

Written by Tom Howard

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A Key To Happiness

There was a young man by the name of Scott. He was well to do. He had a trust fund worth several million dollars, a P.H.D in Anthropology and tenure at a world renowned University. He traveled the world. He had a beautiful successful wife who worked as a model.

He had everything any man could possibly dream of. Financial security, a career in his favorite course of study, and a stunningly beautiful wife. And yet he was unhappy. He complained about his wife, pointing out her flaws. He agonised over academic politics, and even argued about how their home should be decorated. In the morning, he’d wake up angry. Scott was getting depressed and anxious. He buried himself in his work to escape.

Scott gets an assignment from the University to live with and study a primitive people who lived in the rain forest. He travels to their village and they greet him. They eat then go to sleep. They wake up and start off in canoes down the river to fish and hunt. While Scott is in the boat, he notices he’s native companions smiling joyfully as they paddled. He asks them why they are so happy, was there a special occasion. The guide responds, “I am happy because I woke up alive this morning.”

It’s not what you have that makes you happy, it’s how grateful you are for what you have.

Written by Tom Howard

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Giving Thanks

John would always go to the beach on Sunday afternoon to go fishing. He posted up at his usual place, cast his line in the water, and waited for bites.

He notices a scuffy old man sitting down on the beach several yards away. He’s wearing a half unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt that looked like it was bought at a second hand thrift store, sun bleached cut off jeans as shorts and tacky flip flops.

John caught a few fish in the hour he was there, carefully releasing them after catching them. As the tide changed and the fish stopped biting, he started to leave. He approached the old man.

John asked, “Are you OK?” The old man smiled as he replied, “I’m living the dream! I’m on ocean front property and eating surf and turf.”, pointing to his open cans of tuna and Spam.

When one has gratitude for everything in life, that life will be enjoyed.

Written by Tom Howard

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