Stay Happy With Mindfulness

Stay Happy

We all know the importance of the being at our best. Our family, friends, clients and ourselves are depending on us to perform at the optimum level. Stay happy and you will perform at your very best. Being positive enables us to focus on what’s important. However, adverse circumstances and toxic people can sabotage our happiness.

Mindfulness is the focus on the present moment. Having gratitude for even the smallest things that you have at the present moment can have a profound effect on one’s psyche. Maintenance of this mindset is an ongoing struggle and there are many practices that will help maintain your positive mindset.

One such practice is meditation, yet not many people meditate. There’s a lot of misconception to what meditation is and this is what deters people from meditating. It is simply a way to rest, relax and reflect. Just find a quiet spot to sit, close your eyes, and follow your breath. Let your breath flow naturally and focus on it. Thoughts, images, and mental movies will pop up in your head. Observe them in a non-judgemental way and then gently go back to following of your breath. Do this the first thing in the morning, right before going to bed, and in the quiet times during the day. You will feel much better and happier.

Meditation releases endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and other feel good chemicals to produce a natural high with no withdrawals. It is a great way to stay happy. Here’s a link for guidance in meditation:

Fortify Yourself

Another way to stay happy is to surround yourself with positive and upbeat people who will help lift you up. Good feelings are contagious and you will spread that happiness to others, reinforcing your happiness. On the other side of the coin, negativity is also contagious. That is why it is important to cut out or at least minimize contact with toxic people. Don’t let them bring you down with their complaining, arguing, and insults. Take the high road and you’ll keep your inner shine glowing.

Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining  good feelings. A proper diet with essential vitamins and minerals in the right proportion is key to proper nutrition. Furthermore, it is important to avoid junk food, alcohol, and tobacco. While hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine may give the user a sense of joy, this is false happiness.  Drug abuse will inevitably lead to a severe crash when the drug wears off and the body seeks to maintain equilibrium. Consequently, the person will lose their joy over time.

In addition to nutrition, sleep is another crucial component to overall well-being. Seven to eight hours a night is recommended for adults. While a small percentage of adults can get by with much less, this is the exception and not the rule. Too many people burn the candle at both ends. Sleep deprivation can have a devastating effect on mood.

In conclusion, mindfulness, which is the focus on the moment, is a key component in our arsenal to stay happy and be at our very best.

Written by Tom Howard

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Love Presence

People face much pressure in their lives today. Taking substances, gambling, risky behavior, et cetera, are temporary escapes people indulge in. There is a better way to recharge yourself. By using the most constructive force in the universe , you can revive yourself the healthy, natural way . What could this force be? Love. As articulated in a previous post, What Are We, love is the creative force in the universe.

Having presence is important. By having your mind focused on the present, you can be more aware of yourself and your environment. Anxiety and melancholy vanish, as the mind focuses on the here and now. Meditation is great for training the mind to shut out the distractions, the first step to achieving Mindfulness. There are many forms of meditations, each with it’s own effect and technique.

Love Presence is a form of meditation that uses the most positive feeling and force in the universe, Love. The word “Love” reflects the hidden meaning and wholeness of all that exists. This word invokes the best emotion for the pursuit of rejuvenation and recharge. Because it transcends guilt, blame, and loss, it refreshes the mind anew,  enabling a focus on the present.

Love Presence uses the letters in the word “Love” and the many configurations of the those letters. There are many practices of Love Presence, each with different techniques and various degrees of achievement.

Stay tuned for guides to practicing Love Presence, available soon.

Written by Tom Howard

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With all the material wealth in western countries, there is something lacking in terms of happiness. We wake up angry, tired and bored all the time, and have an epidemic of depression and anxiety, where as many nations that are not as materially blessed have an overall better state of emotional well-being.

Many of us dwell on events that have already happened or are yet to come, but are blind and numb to the beauty and awe of the moment. Mindfulness is keeping one’s mind focused on the moment at hand, enhancing one’s senses to the world around her and sharpening one’s skill in her endeavors. Only in the moment can we possibly live our lives, for the future and past do not exist.

Meditation is a great tool for training one’s mind in mindfulness. Too many think that meditating is thinking with your eyes closed. This is a popular misconception of what meditating is, and this notion is counterproductive. Meditating is the opposite, it is not thinking. Actually, meditating is not thinking with your conscious mind. Your consciousness is the part of the mind that you are aware of. Buried beneath lies the subconscious, which is much like the subroutines working in the background of a computer, doing most of the thinking. Meditating switches off your conscious mind to give it a break. Meditating reduces stress and helps you through your day. You only need to start at meditating for five minutes a day.

Set your alarm clock for the desired duration. Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Breath slowly. Focus on your breathing. Thoughts are going to try to invade your mind. Don’t let them. Every time a thought pops in your head, go back to focusing on your breathing. It gets easier with practice. Before you know it, that alarm will seem to start to go off sooner than before, so you increase the duration next time. Each time, you will feel refreshed and mindful.

Written by Tom Howard

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The Fuel for Success

We all strive to be successful. At our careers, family, and social lives, we all work hard to achieve. We wonder, what will help us in our endeavors.

A key ingredient to success is having a positive attitude. It is having an inner peace, a happiness that is based on the internal; not what is going on externally, be it the possession of material wealth or whatever else. It is the joy of living, no matter what is going on around you.

The way to achieve inner contentment is to discover the spiritual nature of ourselves. Within our physical selves lie an indestructible, eternal spiritual being. We can only grow stronger in the face of what life throws at us. By realizing this, we develop the confidence we need to face the challenges of life, enabling ourselves to prosper.

Written by Tom Howard

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We all try to attain it. Happiness. That state of being we all wish would come to us.

How do we become happy. What do we need to do to achieve joy. Where does it come from. When does it come. And why doesn’t it come when we want it to.

These questions have puzzled humankind for ages. Much has been discovered since antiquity about what makes people happy.

It has been discovered by having inner peace through spiritual enlightenment, one can find true happiness.

Written by Tom Howard

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The Rhythm of the Earth

The roll of the waves at the beach. The rustle of the leaves as the wind blows through the trees. These sounds are of a rhythm, a rhythm that predates humankind’s inventions.

Our lives are so fast paced, our minds race with worries, obligations, deadlines, and anguish. And this has an effect on our performance at work, our relationships, and our overall happiness.

How do we fix this. We must slow our minds down to the rhythm of the Earth. We must quiet the mind to reengage it, so that we can focus on what’s important for us. The quieting of the mind is essential to keeping peace in one’s heart.

There are many ways to do this. Stay tuned for new posts on how to achieve inner peace and contentment.

Written by Tom Howard

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Your First Love

Divorce and breakups happen with increased frequency. Family members become distant in their relations, and friendships decline. Conflicts and sorrow fill the resulting void.

All these conditions belay a lack of love. So how do we go back to that primordial glue called love that created us.

In order to love, you must love yourself. It sounds counter-intuitive, but if you don’t love yourself, then how can you love others.

That is the first step. In order to be kind, we must be kind to ourselves. When we are present and we are caring toward ourselves, we can extend that love to other people in our lives.

So treat yourself and forgive yourself. You deserve nothing less from yourself, and you’ll spread that joy to everyone around you.

Written by Tom Howard

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