Our Mother Gaea

The silent E in the word LOVE stands for Earth. This example of etymology is indicative of the fact that the Spirit of the Earth is part of LOVE, the creative force of the universe. All life, including ourselves and the other species (for whom are our relatives in the family of life), are the offspring of Mother Nature.

Pollution is defiling Gaea, especially mental/spiritual pollution, and mindfulness fixes this. We must be mentally present to benefit from the gifts that our mother Gaea provides. Many of us fail to recognize these important facts. They stray from nature and spew pollution, whether it be physical and/or mental/spiritual. We must not go down that dead end path. This is our only home. It is self evident that we must protect our home for it is not just ours, but also belongs to all the other species, our biological family.

We should prostrate ourselves to her and commune with her spirit. She is the key that links us to the origins of the Cosmos. May she continue to bear us fruit. May she nurse the barren land with her rain.

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Written by Tom Howard

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The Earth

Many problems that affect our planet’s ecosystem arise from the impact of human activities. Arable soil depletion, fresh water shortages, deforestation, and species extinction are a few of the many environmental problems facing us today. Much of that impact is compounded by greed, ignorance, and apathy.

In order to save our world, we must realize that we are part of it. We are made up of the same star dust that makes up the Amazon rain forest, the coral reefs and the Grand Canyon. Our food is grown in Earth’s soil or caught in our planet’s waters. Clean water is just as necessary as electricity in our modern world.

We must realize that the same energy that vibrates through us does so though our surroundings, including the flora and fauna as well. All life on this planet share a common destiny, it’s up to us as to where that destiny takes us.

Written by Tom Howard

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The Rhythm of the Earth

The roll of the waves at the beach. The rustle of the leaves as the wind blows through the trees. These sounds are of a rhythm, a rhythm that predates humankind’s inventions.

Our lives are so fast paced, our minds race with worries, obligations, deadlines, and anguish. And this has an effect on our performance at work, our relationships, and our overall happiness.

How do we fix this. We must slow our minds down to the rhythm of the Earth. We must quiet the mind to reengage it, so that we can focus on what’s important for us. The quieting of the mind is essential to keeping peace in one’s heart.

There are many ways to do this. Stay tuned for new posts on how to achieve inner peace and contentment.

Written by Tom Howard

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