Why Spirituality?

Many of us feel trapped. On one side is the organized traditional religion from which we were raised in. Although our faiths have comforted us, the dogma of organized religion has limited our views and stifled our quest for enlightenment. Even as it installed love and gratitude to a creator, it has led to strife between believers of different faiths, rejected scientific knowledge, led to the irresponsible treatment of Mother Earth, and condemned people simply for loving who they love.

Many people have left their respective faiths and adopted scientific materialism. However this belief system has been found to be both inaccurate and harmful. Harmful in that it strips us of togetherness, deprives us of ceremony and celebration, and leaves one feeling without meaning or purpose. Inaccurate in that it fails to accept the new discoveries made everyday that tie science and the spiritual together.

Spirituality fosters love, gratitude, and a belief that all living things in the cosmos are inseparably linked. Instead of contradicting science, spirituality accepts the physical laws of nature while acknowledging the immaterial as an inseparable part of our reality. Spirituality fills the void left in one’s heart by leaving dogma behind, providing a third way that leads away from oppression on one hand and emptiness on the other.

Just as balance is important for the Spirit, it is also important for the entire Mind-Body-Spirit system that makes up all of us. Health, the maintenance of the body, is provided by proper nutrition. While not neglecting one’s health is important, health can also be harmed by the overuse of pharmaceuticals. A balanced third way of natural foods, cannabis medicine, rest and exercise is a better way to maintain one’s body. Spirituality stresses that one’s body is a temple and it is better to maintain it as a temple.

Mindfulness is maintaining balance in one’s mind. It is the taking in of the present moment while freeing one’s mind from the anxiety about tomorrow and the regret about yesterday. Meditation is key to this and is a vital part of spirituality as well.

Spirituality provides people with a better way of life by maintaining balance in the Mind-Body-Spirit system and replaces the obsolete dogma and materialism that plagues our world today.

Written by Tom Howard

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