Put The Green Back In Food.

In the last sixty to seventy years, cancer and inflammatory diseases have skyrocketed. Much evidence points to the consumption of animal based foods as the cause of this. However, this was not always the case.

Before cannabis prohibition in the 1930’s, feral hemp once bloomed on the grazing fields of farms. This hemp contained cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid with tremendous health benefits. The animals would eat this hemp thus the meat, eggs, and dairy products they produced would contain cannabidiol. The American diet at that time had large amounts of meat, eggs, milk, butter and cheese; yet cancer and other degenerative diseases occurred much less frequently than today. This all changed when the U.S. government eradicated feral hemp from the land as part of cannabis prohibition.

Today we have many cannabidiol products available. Vape oil, drops and gummies are in health food stores and the internet. By consuming this substance that was common in the human food chain, we can turn back the clock to a much healthier time.

Written by Tom Howard

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