Love Presence

People face much pressure in their lives today. Taking substances, gambling, risky behavior, et cetera, are temporary escapes people indulge in. There is a better way to recharge yourself. By using the most constructive force in the universe , you can revive yourself the healthy, natural way . What could this force be? Love. As articulated in a previous post, What Are We, love is the creative force in the universe.

Having presence is important. By having your mind focused on the present, you can be more aware of yourself and your environment. Anxiety and melancholy vanish, as the mind focuses on the here and now. Meditation is great for training the mind to shut out the distractions, the first step to achieving Mindfulness. There are many forms of meditations, each with it’s own effect and technique.

Love Presence is a form of meditation that uses the most positive feeling and force in the universe, Love. The word “Love” reflects the hidden meaning and wholeness of all that exists. This word invokes the best emotion for the pursuit of rejuvenation and recharge. Because it transcends guilt, blame, and loss, it refreshes the mind anew,  enabling a focus on the present.

Love Presence uses the letters in the word “Love” and the many configurations of the those letters. There are many practices of Love Presence, each with different techniques and various degrees of achievement.

Stay tuned for guides to practicing Love Presence, available soon.

Written by Tom Howard

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