The Principles

People have asked me, “What are the basic fundamentals of spirituality?” The basic tenets of spirituality are as follows:

There is an energy, a force, that we all exist in. This force is the Source of all life and matter. We are the egotistical parts of this Source that are opposite to it. Our egos have evolved through the millennia. At the end of this evolutionary process we will reach a point where we must unify with this Source.

This Source is completely benevolent and generous. This Source created us as opposite itself, in order that the ego will develop in us until it is revealed that the ego is destructive and the cause of ill in the world. We will then want to shed this ego like an old skin and become like the Source by using the methods of spirituality.

We are all one soul, with the desire to enjoy created by the Source. This soul was splintered into trillions of individual souls. We must correct ourselves to become like the Source. And that means we must all unify together.  We are divided egotistically and this is the cause of strife in the world. The correction to this is to be the opposite of this and realize that the ego is destructive and that we should reconnect together.

In our times, we have reached a point where the immense destruction of the ego has appeared and we see just how bad it is. There are two paths to evolve. We can continue down the Path of Suffering, where we live our lives as we do now in which we run away from suffering all the time. We are not sure where to run to, as long as it is away from what gives us pain. Or we can go down the Path of Enlightenment, where we develop through spirituality. This is our choice. Up until this point in human history, we had no choice. We were simply carrying out what our ego told us to do.

People have a desire for something beyond this world. They can not satisfy themselves with anything in this world. The question asked is why do we exist and we do not know why. We now have freedom of choice, whether to continue down the Path of Suffering or evolve toward the goal of being one with the Source. Once a person has discovered spirituality, she does not need any kind of infliction, she is drawn to more advanced stages of spiritual development, provided she learn from genuine sources of information on the subject and have the right guide.


Written by Tom Howard

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