The Path To Enlightenment

The path to spiritual enlightenment is a long one. Full of twists and turns, surrounded by the weeds of uncertainty and misdirection, it begins in the shade of ambiguity and novice. As we travel down it and turn the corner, our lives become illuminated, no longer obscured by the shadows of doubt.

In recent years, as prosperity has spread throughout our globe, the shallowness of materialism has usurped traditional faiths. Motorbikes, IPhones, Flat-screen TVs, and the latest fashion has replaced temples, mosque, Holy scriptures, and prayer beads. The result is a moral decay that poisons human interaction, breeds selfishness and contempt, damages the spirit, and threatens the Earth.

How can we move away from the turmoil of materialism without reverting to the regression of dogma? By realizing that we are each made up of body, mind and spirit; and that we are all interrelated to each other and the cosmos in general. By accepting this fact, we can then raise awareness and consciousness. This will make you happy and successful. You must purify yourself of ego and doubt, so that you may live life in balance and harmony.

Knowledge is the key to enlightenment. Remember the Source, and you will know where to go. Remember Earth, and you will know where your roots are.

Written by Tom Howard

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We all want to be free. It seems like there are many constraints to our freedom. The modern world saddles us with obligations and restrictions. We just want to breathe free, if only for a little while. The chains of life keep us from straying too far.

The greatest obstacles to our personal freedom is our mind and our heart. A mind that does not want to think positive. A heart that does not want to love, starting with loving yourself. One must love one’s self in order to be happy, and one must be happy to think positive. Only then, can a person attract the success needed to live free.

Mindfulness, developed through meditation, leads to awareness, awareness leads to enlightenment. By knowing ourselves, we can transcend the seemingly endless feedback loop of negativity that keeps us from growing. Only we can know ourselves and love ourselves in order to awaken from the slumber of doubt. Think in full color and out of the grayness of uncertainty.

Grow your mind and warm your heart. The world is wonderful, but it will pass you by if you let it. Just remember, when you think positive and feel happy, you can not help but to love yourself and set yourself free.

Written by Tom Howard

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