Come Together

We the people of the world have many divisions. War and turmoil plague many regions of the globe. It is time to leave our divisions behind and come together. Division brings anger and resentment, and those negative emotions add to the dysfunction of our human family.

We must work together to make this a better world for ourselves and our prodigy. One way to better our world is to give a portion of our income to the causes that we believe in and to help people in need. If you have no money, then volunteer your time, and donate needed goods. If everyone did this, many of the problems of our world would be solved.

A great awakening is about to occur. This awakening will free us from our blinded paths and usher in a great new age. It may seem that times have gotten worse. People seem more selfish than ever and conflict is abound more than ever. A lack of morals and manners have slowly poisoned the waters of human interaction and it seems to be getting worse. If these sad facts indicate that this pending awakening is fantasy, just remember, it is always darkest before dawn.

Written by Tom Howard

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Give Thanks

As we come together with our loved ones this holiday season, we give gratitude for all Providence has provided us in our everyday lives.

Having gratitude is a path to mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state where only the present is being focused on in your mind. Being present is essential to spirituality, uncovering the illusion of self, realising and applying ethics, and creating peace of mind. 

Adherence to faith requires that we take a moment from our outward thoughts to appreciate our Divine gift.

Written by Tom Howard 

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A Turning Leaf

There are times in our lives when we go through transitions. What was counted on from day to day is no more and a new way of doing things must develop. It can be scary and it may seem like you don’t know what to do next.

Do not fear these periods in your life. Relish them. For it is when we are uncomfortable, when we are challenged, that we grow. Grow to your full potential, blossoming into what you were meant to be.

Take the challenge with eagerness. Learn from the lessons there are to be had and apply them to your future endeavors. It is the school of life from which we must graduate from in order to reach our enlightenment. Only through the flames of adversity can we mold our steel.

Heed the call that is beckoned to you by the cosmos. Awaken from your slumber, for the truth will be illuminated by the approaching dawn. Cast doubt aside as you ponder on the course set in front of you. Embrace the journey, for the journey comes with that journey’s destination, the two are not separate.

The bell has been rung. It is up to you to get up and see the sunrise.

Written by Tom Howard

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