With all the material wealth in western countries, there is something lacking in terms of happiness. We wake up angry, tired and bored all the time, and have an epidemic of depression and anxiety, where as many nations that are not as materially blessed have an overall better state of emotional well-being.

Many of us dwell on events that have already happened or are yet to come, but are blind and numb to the beauty and awe of the moment. Mindfulness is keeping one’s mind focused on the moment at hand, enhancing one’s senses to the world around her and sharpening one’s skill in her endeavors. Only in the moment can we possibly live our lives, for the future and past do not exist.

Meditation is a great tool for training one’s mind in mindfulness. Too many think that meditating is thinking with your eyes closed. This is a popular misconception of what meditating is, and this notion is counterproductive. Meditating is the opposite, it is not thinking. Actually, meditating is not thinking with your conscious mind. Your consciousness is the part of the mind that you are aware of. Buried beneath lies the subconscious, which is much like the subroutines working in the background of a computer, doing most of the thinking. Meditating switches off your conscious mind to give it a break. Meditating reduces stress and helps you through your day. You only need to start at meditating for five minutes a day.

Set your alarm clock for the desired duration. Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Breath slowly. Focus on your breathing. Thoughts are going to try to invade your mind. Don’t let them. Every time a thought pops in your head, go back to focusing on your breathing. It gets easier with practice. Before you know it, that alarm will seem to start to go off sooner than before, so you increase the duration next time. Each time, you will feel refreshed and mindful.

Written by Tom Howard

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Written by Tom Howard

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The Role Nutrition Plays In Spiritual Wellbeing

You are an interrelated system consisting of body, mind, and spirit. All three parts of you affect one another. If one of them is deficient, the other two parts can not operate at their maxima.

The health of the body affects the spirit as well as the mind. Certain states of spiritual being are not possible when one’s health is in distress. For example, it is difficult to meditate when you are uncomfortable from pain or malaise. One can not channel good vibrations when one is ill.

Proper nutrition is extremely important to health. Your body is a biological organism that needs the proper nutrients to perform at it’s optimum. However, our modern food production and distribution systems degrade the nutritional value of the food we consume. Food is mass produced, with quantity being maximized at the expense of quality. Furthermore, food is stored for long periods of time and transported long distances, further degrading the nutritional value. The selection of foods are also important, but have been undermined by the marketing of inexpensive foods made up of processed cereal grains and meats. The rising costs of healthy food make getting the proper nutrition difficult.

By taking vitamin supplements that have wholesome ingredients and selecting the right mix of plant-based foods, we can obtain the nutrition that the body-mind-spirit system needs.

Let’s start with the B complex vitamins. They help maintain proper metabolism, so you can have energy. They are also essential to the skin, hair, red blood cells, the immune and nervous systems. They can be obtained by eating a balanced diet consisting of wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is essential for immunity from illness. It can be found in citrus fruits,┬ábell peppers, dark leafy greens, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, peas, kiwis and papayas. Vitamin D is essential for absorbing calcium, and it also reduces depression. It is called the sunshine vitamin, because moderate exposure to ultraviolet light of the body produces it. Other sources include sun-dried fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E reduces inflammation in the body, a common cause of disease. It can be found in vegetable oils (such as wheat germ, sunflower, safflower, corn, and soybean oils), nuts (such as almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts/filberts), seeds (such as sunflower seeds), and green leafy vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli).

It is important to eat wholesome plant-based foods, however the cost and availability of these foods can sometimes be prohibitive for some. That is why taking a multivitamin supplement is important. We must make sure that the supplements we take have only wholesome, natural ingredients. Stay tuned for more articles on this blog about nutrition and health. I’ll recommend some supplements produced naturally.

Written by Tom Howard

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